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Welcome to the developer grid.


Software used

The devgrid

Welcome to the developer grid and Art space.

This grid is hypergrid enabled at http://hg.2worlds2go.eu:8002



But it is not always on or could be slow sometimes.

It is for experimental purposes, to test stuff and sometimes break stuff.

Not all islands are on at all times.

What sims are online depends on what we are working on at the moment.


The main 9 islands running on a fast server and good access. The other islands a located on different computers and can be slow at times.


There are around 20 islands.But some are just full of crazy builds and test stuff.


 If you are on a safari. The main islands have no avatar restrictions. The other are often limited to 5 people.


We are still ironing out bugs.


We now have a High Fidelity Server on the grid to. Place name is hifi://2worlds2go.

Its up when we work on it.


Grid is today run by Anna Lorentzson Art & Design.



Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 4
Unique Visitors Last 30 Days: 18
Total Residents: 5
Online Now: 0

The feed

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  • Yes we have been hacked.

    Some Viagra peddling idiots hacked the website to sell some more shit on the internet. The website will look a little strange as we have to upgrade all modules and remove all old ones. Do not know how they got in. Finding out.

    Also removing all old user accounts.Do you want to download get a new one.

    The site is ten years old so it is time for a upgrade anyway.


  • Constantly exploring.

    I do some exploring in Second life every day. This place is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Retrospect/198/170/33


    Just checking in and checking out new places. SL still alive and kicking.

  • Nice to do repaint for Sky Aurora.

    My second repaint more work than i thought but it was ok now i can fly in the right livery. I suppose more pictures to come.